Why We Learn by Ear: Suzuki Essentials

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki’s “Mother Tongue” method was one of the reasons his approach to music learning was so unique: He treated learning music like learning a language.

Just as young children are immersed in the environment of their native language, Dr. Suzuki focused on setting up a rich environment that immersed students in music. This gave students the ability to be fluent with their instruments before they were reading.

Since students start at such a young age with the Suzuki philosophy, they are often not at reading readiness with their mother tongue language. Instead, pre-literacy activities strengthen a child’s skills. These same principles can be applied to music and note reading.

Watch the video to get all the info on why we learn by ear, when students are ready for note reading, and how Suzuki students also learn to read music.

How's this work for your Suzuki parenting adventure?

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