What is a Review Chain?…and why it works!

Need a fun way to boost your review? Do your review pieces need a little more focus? A review chain is a low prep way to help give your practice a little help. Watch the video below to see how it works and why. (Make sure to subscribe to get notifications about future videos!)

We are going to make a review chain. This is so simple and easy to do, but the key is know why this simple trick is so successful!

Strips of Paper
First we need to cut strips of paper. No need to make this fancy, just use whatever you have on hand. It can even be strips of white paper! Don’t let the supplies you have let you get in the way of getting started.

Next we are going to simply make a chain link for each review piece played. From there you can decided how you want to customize it for your child. Write the specific review piece down on each paper or maybe a technique your teacher has been asking you to work on in lessons.

Why Does it Work?
But why is this so successful? What about it makes review easier to accomplish and less of a struggle. The crux of it is having something that is a visual representation of our hard work. It is satisfying to see that every time we do a task. For young children this visual of the hard work can often be more powerful way of creating motivation.

Want to really see the chain grow? Talk to your teacher about doing a review chain studio wide where everyone brings their chains to decorate the room or stage.

Have a great idea for review? Have you used a review chain before? Let me know!

How's this work for your Suzuki parenting adventure?

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