The Magic of ONE Thing

Does your child seem overwhelmed when practicing? Have you tried your child’s instrument and realized just how many things they need to keep track of while playing? It’s a lot!

Let’s talk over how to choose just one thing!

Empathy of Complexity

Have you played a musical instrument before? If not, take a second to try your child’s assignment. There are so many things to think about! You’ll notice that as soon as you start thinking about one thing, another thing will get off. Now imagine how this might be if you are a child.
If you have played an instrument either currently or before, sometimes it’s hard to remember how complex those beginning stages are. Take some time to try to remember. It’ll make a big difference on how you approach practice with your child.

Mastery in Every Practice

I like to try and master something in every practice. It’s usually small. Maybe even just one note. But striving for something to be mastered helps us focus on achieving a high level on something every day! Sometimes it may be an old position point that isn’t quite working out, and other times it might be those new notes in a brand new piece.

The Magic

There is just one secret to dealing with your child’s feeling of overwhelm. Choose Just One Thing. Just One.
It’s hard to do. We see all the things are teacher has mentioned. We know that all those techniques are intertwined. However, just one thing gives us the freedom to truly master our task.

What to Choose When the List is Long

First, ask your teacher! They probably have a very good idea of what to prioritize first! Look back at your notes. Is there something your teacher is talking about every lesson? That may be a good place to start.

Recognize that some things may get worse as your child focuses on just one thing. It’s okay to let those things go while they are working. They’ll come back as the working point gets easier.

What happens when it still feels like it’s falling into the disaster zone?
It’s time to figure out how we can make it easier. There may just be too many things to focus on. Use a smaller section, and easier technique and make sure you really have picked just one thing to work on. You may still be trying to do too much at once!

Thanks for joining me on this Adventure in Suzuki Parenting and happy practicing!

How's this work for your Suzuki parenting adventure?

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