Mosaic Progress Trackers

A few days ago, I posted a picture to our Facebook page of the sticker mosaic we are using for counting practice days. Students get one sticker per practice day, and so far it seems to be a fun motivator. As they put the stickers up, a picture will start to reveal.

Posting the picture prompted me to actually count how many squares there are. It’s 74 x 54. That’s 3,996 squares guys!

So, I’ve changed my plan some since actually counting. Students will get one sticker for the first 4 days of practice. They’ll get 2 stickers for days 5-7. I’m also planning a few double weeks (ahem, winter break).

However, maybe you want to do something like this as an individual or you have a smaller studio. I’ve come up with a list of possibilities you could use.

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STICK TOGETHER Sunflower Collaborative Sticker Mosaic

Ready for a long term commitment in practice goals? This is the type of mosaic we are using in my studio (but not the same picture, I’m keeping that top secret) and I’m hoping it will be around 1-2 years of practice goals.



The Original Sticker By Numbers Book

This would be a great option for a parent to do with their child. You can set a specific goal and get a sticker for accomplishments. The stickers complete the pictures, but there is no mystery of how they will turn out.



Melissa & Doug Peel and Press Mosaics Sticker by Number Kit

Also a great one for the individual or family. Plus the added benefit of shiny stickers! Simply remove any final pictures before starting and the butterfly design will be revealed as you go.

MindWare Color Number Mystery Mosaics Set

Not stickers this time, but color pencils instead. This would give plenty of squares to fill in for a studio or for individual practice.

How's this work for your Suzuki parenting adventure?

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