Freeze Game: Practice Corner

Ever had a hard time getting your child or student to stop playing so something can be corrected? Do they feel like you are interrupting their progress? Playing the Freeze Game can help a child to focus on a specific technique that needs to be worked on.

Get the details by watching the video here:

By the way, a triangle is a great thing to use for the Freeze Game. Want a triangle to add to your practice toolbox? Get one here:

Rhythm Band Musical Steel Triangle 8 Inch (affiliate link)

This game is simple! Use a triangle or bell to freeze when something needs to be fixed.

Here are some tips to make this fun and successful:

  • Decide what you are working on before you start playing. That way your child knows what to focus on.
  • Use the triangle or bell so that you don’t have to say anything.
  • Don’t make the sound just when something needs to be fixed. Try random times so that your child is practicing checking. Share the success when nothing needs to be fixed.
  • Try keeping score. Some children love to compete! Make it a competition for best score. Can they get through a piece without any freezes? Can they get a better “score” than last time?

This is a useful practice game to have in your bag of tricks for those extra challenges.

Happy Practicing!

How's this work for your Suzuki parenting adventure?

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