Do I have to keep listening to the Suzuki Recording?

Have you been listening to your Suzuki recording for years and it just doesn’t feel important anymore? How long do you need to listen to the same recording anyway? Find out some ways to keep listening interesting and really focus your listening time.

The short answer is yes, you still need to listen to your recording. As a teacher, the first thing I check for if I’m not seeing as much progress as I should is if they have been doing their listening. You can think of listening as giving the student a way to check their work. They will immediately know if the notes they are playing are right or wrong. This eliminates a lot of work when learning notes and bowings.

I really appreciate the video by Michelle Horner, “Listen Like a Maniac”. This method has you listen in a different way. Most of us put the recording on and listen from the beginning to end every day. She suggests listening 10 times in a row to the piece you are currently on and the next 2 pieces. This intensive listening really gets the piece stuck in your head! That’s what we want! (Even though it may be a little annoying.) When it’s stuck in your head you’ll know it thoroughly.

Do you feel like you need something to make it feel fresh or new? Add in the next Suzuki book. Even if you are a ways away from it. Or try doing a 30 Day Listening Challenge (TK link)! Pick a composer your child has gravitated towards and start exploring the music of that composer.

So yes, you have to keep listening to your recording for success in your practice. There are ways to make it feel fresh and interesting! Keep up the good work and happy practicing!

How's this work for your Suzuki parenting adventure?

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