Teens: How to Handle Mistakes

You’re teen is in the other room and you can hear their practice. Today, it’s particularly bad! These aren’t the skills you spent years trying to cultivate! It’s sloppy! They aren’t going back and fixing things. Your teen is just…. running through! You know if you approach them about it you’ll stir up more conflict. Let’s talk about some ways that will get the best results. Every parent child relationship is unique so don’t try to compare your practice relationship with other families. If you get a lot of conflict when you make practice suggestions, you are not alone! Teens …

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Teens: What Do Parents Do During the Lesson?

You’ve made it! You have a responsible practicing teen that only needs occasional reminders. So why does the teacher encourage you to keep coming to the lesson and what are you going to do while you are there? Your roll as Suzuki parent has changed quite a bit over the years. You’ve gone from practice partner to practice supporter. You no longer have to worry about them rolling on the floor during lesson or dropping the violin because of distraction. However, you still have an important roll towards the development of your child. Watch the video here: I want to …

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Teens: When Do I Stop Reminding About Practice?

Do you still have to remind your teen about practice? Are you sick and tired of it? This video will go over some of what you can look for in order to expect fully independent practice. How do you know if your expectations are realistic? I’ll talk about some of what I go over with students and how you can support your teen. Parent involvement doesn’t stop, it only changes.