Game Board Practice

Today we are using game boards in our practice. Watch the video! I’m using the Chutes and Ladders board, but Candy Land would also work well. Get creative and you can convert almost any game into something you can use for practice. This can quickly go down the rabbit hole of complicated. If that’s something you enjoy, embrace it and delve deep. However, it doesn’t have to be that way and today we are going to focus on 3 simple ways you can use these tools for practice. Count the Number of Tasks You Do This is simple. For each …

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What is a Review Chain?…and why it works!

Need a fun way to boost your review? Do your review pieces need a little more focus? A review chain is a low prep way to help give your practice a little help. Watch the video below to see how it works and why. (Make sure to subscribe to get notifications about future videos!) We are going to make a review chain. This is so simple and easy to do, but the key is know why this simple trick is so successful! Strips of Paper First we need to cut strips of paper. No need to make this fancy, just …

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Odd and Even Game

I’m so excited to share one of my favorite games that I use all the time in my studio. The best part is it’s simple, easy and requires no set up. It’s the Odd and Even Game! This game is great for when you have two sections of music that are almost the same, but slightly different. Often this causes confusion about what goes where. Playing the Odd and Even Game is an easy way to get those different sections in tip top shape. Get some fun foam dice here (affiliate link):

Practice Buddies: Practice Corner

I love practice buddies! They are a fun way to focus on specific things and create a neutral voice in your practice. What do I mean by neutral voice? That is when something else is giving instruction or telling your child what step to take next. I know, I know, you as the parent are the one controlling the practice buddy, but that’s not how it seems to the child. To them a fun buddy is the one giving the tip. Not only that, but often using a practice buddy helps you as a parent stay focused on only one …

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Freeze Game: Practice Corner

Ever had a hard time getting your child or student to stop playing so something can be corrected? Do they feel like you are interrupting their progress? Playing the Freeze Game can help a child to focus on a specific technique that needs to be worked on. Get the details by watching the video here: By the way, a triangle is a great thing to use for the Freeze Game. Want a triangle to add to your practice toolbox? Get one here: Rhythm Band Musical Steel Triangle 8 Inch (affiliate link) This game is simple! Use a triangle or bell to …

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