Odd and Even Game

I’m so excited to share one of my favorite games that I use all the time in my studio. The best part is it’s simple, easy and requires no set up. It’s the Odd and Even Game! This game is great for when you have two sections of music that are almost the same, but slightly different. Often this causes confusion about what goes where. Playing the Odd and Even Game is an easy way to get those different sections in tip top shape. Get some fun foam dice here (affiliate link): https://amzn.to/2QQ1gWe

Fill Your Cup: Parent Motivation

As a teacher and a parent, motivating my students is always at the front of my mind. I’m always working toward finding the balance between what I want them to learn and helping them spark their own inspiration . For teachers and parents, our role is to cultivate the environment so that it’s ripe for learning, find ways to grow the intrinsic value of playing, and ultimately give the student ownership over their musical journey. Motivation isn’t just important for our kids though. As the person facilitating our children’s music education, maintaining parent motivation is essential too. As with everything …

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Teens: When Do I Stop Reminding About Practice?

Do you still have to remind your teen about practice? Are you sick and tired of it? This video will go over some of what you can look for in order to expect fully independent practice. How do you know if your expectations are realistic? I’ll talk about some of what I go over with students and how you can support your teen. Parent involvement doesn’t stop, it only changes.

Rewards…Do They Work?

There is a lot of confusing information out there about practice rewards and how to use them with our children. Some say don’t use them. Some give suggestions. I’m going to give you the honest truth about what rewards I’ve used, what worked, and what didn’t work with my students in lesson and my own children in home practice. Watch the video to find out about Kickstart Rewards, Big Goals and Visual Representation. Want some ideas on what rewards to use? Subscribe for a free list of possibilities! Subscribe to our mailing list * indicates required Email Address * First …

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Brown Bear, Brown Bear: Musical Reads

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? is a family favorite. Bill Martin Jr and Eric Carle’s timeless classic is a regular bestseller, so you probably already have a copy! If not, put this in your library, it’s sure to be picked out over and over to read. By singing this book, you’ll give your child a way to engage more of their senses and interact with the book in a musical way. By singing together we strengthen our bond. Using a well-known melody that you already know, this is an easy Musical Read to add to your repertoire. …

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Positive Practice: Interview with Christine Goodner

Sometimes you meet someone and you know right away that they have the same passion you do. That’s definitely how I felt when I met Christine Goodner. We both know how parents need additional support while doing Suzuki method lessons, and Christine has such a great personal perspective that parents can relate to. Since she did Suzuki lessons with her two daughters, she speaks from a place of experience both as a parent and a teacher. I was so honored to have a chance to interview her about practice tips, her experience, and her exciting new book, Positive Practice: 5 Steps to …

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Practice Buddies: Practice Corner

I love practice buddies! They are a fun way to focus on specific things and create a neutral voice in your practice. What do I mean by neutral voice? That is when something else is giving instruction or telling your child what step to take next. I know, I know, you as the parent are the one controlling the practice buddy, but that’s not how it seems to the child. To them a fun buddy is the one giving the tip. Not only that, but often using a practice buddy helps you as a parent stay focused on only one …

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When do I fit practice in with my child?

Has it been hard to find a consistent time to practice with your child? Does it feel like you’re doing what you’re supposed to, but it doesn’t quite fit your family’s flow? This is a video to think outside the box to find a time that will work with you. Many families try to practice in the evening around dinnertime, but often small children are just too tired to get much out of practice then. Have you considered practicing during the morning? Often practicing in the morning will mean your child is fresher and more energetic, so practice might also …

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Note by Note Prompt Ready

If you’ve been participating in our Note by Note class this year, the new prompt is hot in your inbox! We’re getting deep into why resistance to practice happens and what tools we can use to create an environment of success. Wondering what Note by Note is? It’s an online class to bring your Suzuki practice to the next level. In this class you receive a monthly prompt with a video and a PDF to spend some time reflecting on your practice. Practicing an instrument looks a little different for every family. These prompts are designed to help you find …

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