About Adventures in Suzuki Parenting

Parenting (and music lessons!) can sometimes feel like a lonely endeavor. But you aren’t alone.

Just like you, we know the day-in, day-out ups and downs that come not only with raising kids, but with combining parenting and the Suzuki Method. We founded Adventures in Suzuki Parenting because we wanted to share awesome resources, training, inspiration, and more with Suzuki parents like you.

We’ll share our good days and bad days. We’ll be real. Adventures in Suzuki Parenting is here to connect you with Suzuki families around the world. Twinkle by Twinkle, note by note, day by day, together we will strive to do our best as parents.

Because, after all, parenting is an adventure. And Suzuki is a great spice.

Meet your Adventure Team

She’s a Suzuki teacher. He’s a writer.

Together, wife-and-husband team Jodie and Anthony St. Clair are a couple of practice-sharing, homeschooling, lifelong-learning, world-traveling, making-all-the-things parents of a Suzuki son and daughter in Eugene, Oregon. They started their Suzuki parenting journey in 2011.

Jodie St. Clair

Jodie St. Clair (formerly Jodie Danenberg) is the founder and director of the Eugene Suzuki Music Academy (ESMA) in Eugene, Oregon, where she teaches violin and Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE). She has a Bachelors of Music Performance in Violin from Northern Arizona University and received long-term Suzuki violin training at NAU and the University of Oregon. She has received training from Dr. Louise Scott, Karin Hallberg, Judy W. Bossuat-Gallic, Allen Lieb, Kathleen Spring, Dr. Susan Baer, Dorothy Jones, and Sharon Jones.

Jodie is a member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas and regularly attends training to continue expanding her teaching knowledge. After founding ESMA in 2009, Jodie began teaching SECE in 2010. In 2013, Jodie taught SECE at the 16th Suzuki Method World Convention in Matsumoto, Japan. She is also a regular guest presenter for Library Storytimes throughout the Eugene Public Library system.

Outside of teaching and homeschooling, Jodie loves to paint, sew, knit, garden, and plan new adventures for her little family.

Learn more about Jodie’s violin and SECE programs at EugeneSuzukiMusic.com.

Anthony St. Clair

Anthony St. ClairAnthony St. Clair shared Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) classes with his son and daughter from when they were newborns until age 3.5, when they graduated to violin. When not being their practice partner, Anthony is a writer, author, home cook, and hygge-loving hobbit. Learn more about Anthony, his books, and his other work at anthonystclair.com.

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