100 Day Practice Challenge – Sign Ups Here!

It’s here! The 100 Day Practice Challenge Course is ready for you to sign up.

Sign ups are available from now until January 20, 2019, so get your spot now.

ETA: Signups are done, but you can be alerted for the the next 100 Day Practice Challenge.

Have you participated in a 100 day practice challenge before?
Has it been intimidating? What do you do about sickness? What if we forget a day? What if we travel during our 100 day practice time?
Let’s talk about this and how to make a 100 day practice a successful experience.

I’ve been doing 100 day practice challenges with students for many years. In fact my 4 year old daughter will be achieving her first 100 days on Christmas Day this year and my almost 7 year old just finished 600 days in a row.

How to make a successful challenge

It’s good to start out with clear parameters for what counts and what doesn’t toward practice. This varies from teacher to teacher, so talk to them about expectations. In my studio, I count any practice. That means most days are nice full practices, and occasionally we have shorter easier practice sessions. Even if it’s just one thing! Believe me, my son has been sick and we’ve traveled in the last 600 days.

I don’t want to force practice…

A lot of parents come to me and say “This is a battle I just don’t want to have” or “I don’t want to force practice and make them hate music” Will you meet resistance to practice? Yes you will. Everyone does. Especially if you are trying to move from little to no practice to everyday.

I have seen over and over though that families that practice everyday it is much easier to do once the habit is established. Establishing the habit is hard work, but after that, practice happens much easier. Children who practice everyday initiate practice and have better internal motivation. They feel proud of their accomplishments and value the time they are putting in. The difficult start is well worth the end rewards.

Ready to get started?

Are you ready to take the plunge and commit to everyday practice? Are you wanting to see more of your students accomplish this goal? I’ve got exciting news for you! We will be starting a 100 day practice challenge together!

Here are some of the things you will receive for participating in the course.

  • Printable tracker
  • Every 10 Days get a new video and pdf with practice games and tips
  • Earn a printable badges to share with your children
  • Challenge starts Jan. 7, but you can choose any start date between Jan. 7 – 20
  • Facebook Group and Facebook Live discussions
Sign Up Now!

How's this work for your Suzuki parenting adventure?

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